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And a generation is in the kitchen for the first time

The generation Y, who is fed into the routine of daily life and feeds with fast snacks or meals from outside, entered the kitchen in the days when he closed the houses with an epidemic and started cooking three meals. To both linger at the slow pace of life and take care of his health. This new habit brings some awareness. From the nutritional values ​​of food to what food affects the body… Time seems to flow quite slowly; the days follow at night, the sun shines, it rains, the city surrounds the fog and we are always at home. Many different dynamics are now determining our lives at home. The house became our shelter, where we connected to the outside world. Of course, thanks to the possibilities of digital. It is often interesting and surprising to see how this new order is reflected in our eating and drinking habits. Because now we spend more time in the kitchen; a little bit of necessity, a little bit of boredom. Who knows when we will be able to eat "outside". This was also a motivation for everyone to discover different tastes. Recipe videos and suggestions from chefs returning from platforms such as YouTube or Instagram are the most used sources on social media. Also, new ones started to be added to these. WhatsApp groups are also full of shared recipes. The preference is for practical recipes that can be made with ingredients at home…

We agree that we are now at the beginning of a new era. In every respect… History is being written, we agree with it. When we get out of this process, all systems will find themselves in a great transformation. Of course, our eating and drinking habits will also have their share. Change has already begun… Our friend, probiotics First of all, due to COVID-19's insidious approach, the main issue is strengthening the immune system. This is an issue that will often be on our agenda in the coming days. Focus, health and the human body. For this reason, a period begins in which gut-friendly bacteria will be consumed more. Natural probiotics from kefir, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, and boza. It is also beneficial to take strength from other probiotic products offered as food supplements. Studies show that the intestines are working to strengthen the defense system, removing the danger by feeling the harmful substances that enter the body before the brain. It is important to maintain the intestinal flora with the support of abundant bacteria. Probiotic foods also support the immune system by balancing harmful bacteria. Who knows, maybe we will learn the fermentation methods and start to apply suitable recipes at home. Fruits, vegetables, vitamins We need to keep our strengthening effect on vitamins with the vitamins we have known for decades. As Hippocrates says “food is an alternative medicine” after all. It is important to focus on fruits and vegetables, but the main thing here is to consume them in their seasons. Think about the conditions in which a strawberry to be eaten in the middle of winter can be grown ... Instead of the fruits and vegetables we consume without being sure of the nutritional values, we buy from the market without thinking, the orientation towards certified organic foods that do not play with genetics will increase. Especially as the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, which ensures the excretion of harmful substances from the body and strengthens the immune system, this period, kiwi, orange, parsley, and lemon will have a different place in our dietary habits.

We are questioning what we eat and drink more than ever before when we begin to look at everything with suspicion. We now understand that we have to think about the conditions under which it was produced and how it reached us. Ayurvedic nutrition, which uses the self-healing power of each individual and guides in nutrition according to the body, has gained a ready momentum, obviously, it will become more common in the future. For now, we hope that if the demand for organic food increases, the production will increase and the prices will be pulled to a point suitable for everyone. Lemon! Vinegar! The long-growing popularity of vinegar is at a level that will cause the vinegar shelves in the markets to remain empty in the period when we are surrounded by viruses. Because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it has an effective power in both cleaning and nutrition. Apple vinegar, which is a powerful antioxidant thanks to its magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and vitamins, is the most famous of this world. Its biggest rival is spices. Especially ginger and turmeric. Do not be surprised if the spices used in the past for the purpose of medication are the crown of the tables again.

So how to shop? We left behind those first shocking moments that we rushed to the markets. Saying, “It may be necessary, it may also be necessary,” the shopping spree that we have stored all the necessary unnecessary has flushed the face of some of us for humanity, but we are going through a difficult period when we do not know what to do. Both experts say that food storage is due to some kind of psychological need. Do not load this much on yourself and others.

But since we set up the first shock wave, it is useful to plan the next consciously. During the days when we closed home, we saw that the important thing is to keep food for a long time. The pantry was a section that our fast-living generation only saw in the house of his grandmother-grandmother. Its vital importance has just been understood. Lentils, bulgur, rice, chickpeas, dry beans seem to be our friends in this process. When we learn to cook with them, we may start to do it frequently in the future. Ok, of course, pizza is a happy thing, of course, but let's not forget the feelings created by juicy, hot dishes like this. Maybe a new generation of home cooking will appear. Who knows what can be done with red beans and lentils. (We are waiting for the chefs' suggestions at this point!) Great competitors can emerge to the classics we call “mother's meal”.

Do dreams come true? It is uncertain when we can go out with peace of mind. We look at what we buy from the markets with anxiety. Where did it come from, how did it come from; Is the virus-infected, how to wash it? Would it be bad if alternative breeding methods increased in the city in order to know what we eat? also expanding hydroponic vertical farm in Turkey (with vertical farming English name) can be expanded with an application in a correct and healthy city. Of course, we would not object to vegetables and fruits to be grown in balconies and gardens.

The city gardens that allow the locals to grow vegetables and fruits in their own plots are not a dream that is far from reality. Imagine that we can eat tomatoes that we glide with those skeptical looks in the grocery store and greengrocer…

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