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Salad to go - With this trick, your prepared salad stays fresh for much longer

Those who have to take care of themselves in the office or on the go often find themselves in a dilemma: healthy and fresh or fast and uncomplicated? That everything goes together, we show you here

Preparing a salad and transporting it ready to eat is not that easy. Leaf lettuce immediately becomes mushy, kernels soften and apple bits turn brown. Unfortunately, prepared salads from the supermarket are also not a good alternative.

An equally ingenious and pretty solution are the so-called "Mason Jar Salads" - named after the American mason jars. Layer by layer, you place the colorful ingredients in a tall glass with screw cap. The trick is to pay attention to the right arrangement. So the ingredients stay fresh and crispy for a long time:

Step 1
The touched dressing comes at the bottom of the glass. So make sure the other ingredients do not soften and collapse.
Step 2

The second layer is made up of saturates such as potatoes, chickpeas , couscous or corn.It does not matter to you that they have direct contact with the dressing. At the same time they protect the upper layers like a barrier before soaking.

Step 3

Layer ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots or avocado. The more colorful and varied the ingredients are, the healthier and more beautiful the salad becomes.

Step 4

The penultimate layer should be lettuce and (possibly) sprouts. Above, they are not crushed and do not come in contact with the dressing.

Step 5

Last but not least ingredients come into the glass, which should remain crispy, As nuts or seeds.

For eating, you can simply pour the salad out of the glass into a plate. The dressing will automatically land on the ingredients layered above it. If you want to enjoy the salad directly from the glass, you can turn it upside down just before serving, so that the dressing can be spread.

There are no limits to creativity in terms of ingredients and flavors. Fresh spring salad with chickpeas, baby spinach , radishes and grapes or Asian noodle salad with bean sprouts, coriander and mangetout. Which one is your favorite?

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