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What is Blue Majik? What is the health benefits?

BLUE MAJIK-A pure source of phycocyanin, blue spirulina.


What is Blue Majik. It is a certified, organic proprietary extract from Arthrospira platensis. It is mainly composed of phycocyanin. A powerful antioxidant that has been shown to clear free radicals and can be a potent natural COX-2 inhibitor. I take the powder and capsules of this pure phycocyanin every day and also recommend it for all your beloved pets high.

I love mixing the BLUE MAJIK powder in a coconut shell bowl of Greek Yogurt. It is the most beautiful blue / cyan color ever-closing on top of The color of the sky In the photo, in which they reap the product. This blue elixir drink drinking cams detoxifying, rejuvenating and invigorating. It will improve your health in a variety of ways. And also you can treat yourself with some fun toppings like blue berries, granola and beautiful green fresh mint.

Cuban scientists also searched in the many properties of phycocyanin. Animal studies with rodents have shown that phycocyanin has anti-inflammatory activity due to prostaglandin E-2 inhibition (Romay et al, 2000) and that it reduces allergic inflammatory response and histamine release from the cells (Remirez et al, 2002). Another study showed that Spirulina had an anti-arthritic effect in mice, which they said may be due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of phycocyanin (Remirez et al, 2002).

Blue Majik yogurt bowl

Another study in Cuba found that phycocyanin as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective (brain) and hepatoprotective (liver) effects (Romay et al 2003). Their work was done both in vitro and in vivo. In 12 exercised experimental modules inflammation phycocyanin A dose-dependent anti-inflammatory effect in each case. These scientists also found that phycocyanin reduced levels of a tumor necrosis factor in mice and showed neuroprotective effects in rats.

An interesting study was conducted in Ukraine (where spirulina had previously shown efficacy in removing radioactivity from children's urine from high radiation radiation from the Chernobyl accident). This study was performed with rats dying exposed to X-rays. According to a study, rats fed phycocyanin undergo corrective radiation exposure (Karpov et al, 2000).

Similar to studies conducted on Spirulina in its entirety. Water extracts of spirulina that are rich in phycocyanin have shown excellent antiviral properties. In one such experiment carried out at the National School of Biological Sciences in Mexico City, the phycocyanin rich extract inhibited the infection for herpes simply virus 1 and 2, pseudorabies virus and human cytomegalovirus (Hernandez-Corona et al, 2002) , In another study, a spirulina water extract would be compared with a chlorella water extract. As no chlorella phycocyanin hat, it resulted much worse than spirulina in terms of liver disability cells. The extracts of these two algae showed positive effects, but Spirulina had a stronger effect than Chlorella. The researcher lied out, "Growth-inhibiting effects of aqueous spirulina extract on human liver cancer cells were five times as dying chlorella." (Wu et al, 2005)

Previous work at the University of California, Irvine showed that phycocyanin had a positive effect in removing plaque from the arteries. (Morcos et al, 1988). The authors found that the properties in their study showed phycocyanin "a potential therapeutic use for the plaque localization and suppression."

In my wellness program, I make sure to consume at least that 400 - 800 mg BLUE MAJIK Either in dust or capsule form. This is 1 -2 servings. I take a double serving the days in which I am detoxing / purifying or am under additional stress. I embark on a detoxification program one day a week, 2-3 days a month, and 7-10 days each time the season changes. Because the phycocyanin is as effective as an anti-inflammatory, immune enhancer and excellent detoxifier for kidney and liver, I always take an extra (800mg) of these special days, during which I cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate my body.

If you take it on empty stomach for about 1-2 hours before bedtime, it will help you sleep like a baby. also. Countless people in my private practice, as well as many friends, tell me that they also use it as a sleep aid. I drink a big glass of alkaline

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