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New Food Trend Acai | 7 benefits of Acai Berries

One of the Acai Smoothie Bowl, that you can find in our location

Acai products are in vogue: As common as the small dark berries look, they bring some interesting features with them. The hype about the Acai berry was triggered after US presenter Oprah Winfrey described her on her talk show as "Superfood" and introduced some of her benefits. Reason enough for us to study the Acai berry and to highlight its 7 key benefits.

1. Acai berries can fight cancer

In 2006, a study was carried out at the University of Florida, which was published in a journal on agriculture and food chemistry and brings some interesting insights into the Acai berry. Thus, it could be observed within this study that acai berry extract is effective against leukemia cancer cells.

2. High levels of antioxidants and heart health

Another study showed that acai berries are one of the fruits with the most antioxidants. Due to the high amount of antioxidants, they bring more positive properties, which affect especially the heart health. They also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and macular degeneration. Another positive effect of the high level of antioxidants in acai berries is the better blood circulation and the reduced risk of blood clots.

3. A booster for your immune system

Consumption of Acai berries can increase and further enhance the function of immune cells - even at low dosages. In addition, acai berries contain a relatively high amount of vitamin C and ellagic acid. It is a special antioxidant that reduces the growth of cancer cells. The ingredients of acai berries strengthen the body cells, making it easier for them to fight against infections and free radicals.

Acai berries are not only delicious, they also bring numerous health benefits.

4. Acai berries lower cholesterol and help with weight loss

Another beneficial effect of the antioxidants contained in the Acai berries is the lowering of cholesterol levels. As a result, they support weight loss and thus bring the body into a generally healthier state.

A healthy cholesterol level brings u.a. a balanced hormone balance, a good metabolic rate and other benefits for the health of the heart. Antioxidants also help cleanse the body of any toxins that accumulate through inferior nutrition.

5. A powerful energy boost

One of the key features of acai berries is that they provide tremendous energy and have a positive effect on endurance. Simultaneity, they also counteract fatigue, promote concentration and help with exhaustion. Thus, the use of Acai is particularly suitable for athletes, but also for people who work under increased concentration and are often exhausted. These properties of the acai berry have been described i.a. examined in this study.

6. Anti-aging effect of Acai berry

Acai berries can help your cells slow down or even reverse the natural aging process. Responsible for this are also the numerous antioxidants contained in the Acai berries. In fact, acai berries contain ten times as many antioxidants as grapes and twice as many as blueberries.

7. Acai berries ensure a healthy skin

Last but not least, acai berries are known to provide a healthy and beautiful skin. They ensure an increased regeneration process, which is mainly triggered by the high vitamin C content and the contained iron. That means fewer wrinkles and age spots.

In addition, Acai berries contain a high percentage of fatty acids that help the skin stay taut, young and healthy. Acai berries can also be used in the form of a face mask. This keeps the skin fresh and ensures a beautiful complexion.

Organic acai powder in our online shop

Acai berries are also available in powder form. In this way, you can spice up your smoothies, cereals or other foods with the many beneficial effects of Acai berry. In our online shop you have the advantage that you can determine the amount yourself.

Thus, only you decide what amount you need and you avoid unnecessary large packs. Furthermore, all of our products have bio-quality, as well as our packaging, which is biodegradable.

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