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Juices or smoothies: what is more useful and what's the difference?

Everyone loves juices. However, in recent years, smoothies and smoothies, including green cocktails, have become quite popular. The question arises: what is the difference between juices and smoothies. Or is it the same thing?

Smoothies - a wide range of options

The biggest difference between making juice and smoothies, cooked on a blender, is their consistency. The combination of all possible ingredients gives smoothies different tastes. The content in pulp of pulp of various fruits and vegetables gives them a peculiar consistency: from thick to fibrous. Thus, smoothies become delicious cocktails that can be cooked from different vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, spinach and cucumbers, as well as from all fruits. Bored vegetables and fruits acquire in a gentle taste and look and in this form contribute to healthy digestion.

In smoothies, you can use other ingredients, such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, natural cocoa. Many whip blender and nuts, adding them to the smoothies. To make the consistency smoothies not so thick, you should use filtered water, watery fruit or vegetable juice.

Delicious green smoothies

Green is one of the most popular for smoothies. Green smoothies from the most diverse ingredients are the best source of vitamins. It is advisable to use in the preparation of green smoothies any fresh, well-washed greens. Do not forget that green herbs such as parsley, mint, sage, marjoram, thyme, lemongrass will come to fruits and vegetables, added to the smoothies wonderful taste. Enjoy the smoothies!

Juices - a healthy way to provide the body with nutrients

Preparing juices gives us the full potential of the healing properties of fruits and vegetables in an incredibly easily assimilated, concentrated form of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In the process of making juice, for example, in a juicer, all the seeds, pulp and fiber are removed, leaving only pure juice.

A good advice for creative people is to use in the preparation of juices a variety of fruits and vegetables that combine well, for example, cabbage with apples and melons. To add freshness to the juice, add the cucumber. If you want to make the juice more sweet, use carrots or melon. Always try new combinations! In any case, you should carefully wash the vegetables for juices, especially such as carrots, cabbage, as they grow close to the ground.

Juices or smoothies - which is better?

When using fresh raw materials and environmentally friendly ingredients between juices and smoothies, there are a few minimal differences in nutrient content. However, in any case, if you have any problems,

Summarizing, let's say that there is no fundamental difference between juices and smoothies. Greater consistency smoothies and less concentration. Take on a smaller load on digestion. However, juices and smoothies are very important components of a healthy diet and should be on your table. Remember that ordinary fruits and vegetables should also always be present in your diet, because the nutrient content in them is also very high.

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